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2 Timothy 3:15
And that from a child thou hast known

the holy scriptures, which are able

to make thee wise unto salvation

through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

Love of Christ Jesus and children is the inspirational and motivational force of Kids of Zion.  KOZ's ultimate goal is being an outstanding, end time ministry--warring and winning the soul of children, youth, and young adults. 

The KOZ product ministry is purposed to plant the holy scriptures in the mind and heart of children during their formative years.  Far too often the ability of children to learn scripture -- as inspired by God -- is underestimated.  

Many of our children's ministries are using bible-based stories which might or might not align with the Word of God.    2 Timothy 3:15 does not say to us "...thou hast known bible-based stories"; nor does it say "thou hast read children's books by Christian authors", (which I myself am).  

The one and same Holy Spirit who adds the increase of understanding

to adults is capable of and does likewise for children.  Age 3 at the time 

of this video, Yadah, a student of the renown Bill Winston Ministry, is proof the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost is no respecter of age. 

KOZ accomplishes its purpose by: 1) writing children's Christian books, skits, plays; 2) designing/marketing faith-filled products which instill the holy scriptures; 3) hosting community events for children, youth, and young adult (CYYA); and 4) collaborating with like-commissioned kingdom of God ministries to joint-venture with KOZ by using its products to fundraise.  Novelty buttons, refrigerator magnet backs, and pocket mirrors with custom logo are profitable fundraisers.  Send fundraising inquiries to


For Christ sakes

   and CYYA,

The KOZ Team

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