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Operation Like Lightning The Music Vigils Movement

Knowing it is written the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church, one of the questions asked of the only  wise God has been: 'Why is the kingdom of darkness gaining so much ground?  Answer: "My church has not waged the most effective war."  As you likely have guessed, my response was: 'Okay.  What is the most effecitve war?  

One of the first and foremost matters we must get clear on is, does God Almighty need our help? One of the reasons God sent Jesus to earth is, he needed an earthen vessel, whom he could move through, to execute his  masterful plan of the redemptive salvation of man. 

While God who is God all by himself can open up his ground and swallow every one of his enemies all by himself, it is he himself who makes it crystal clear that we are his battle axes and weapons of war. 

So, what must we do to wage the most effective war against the enemies of our children?  

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