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Electrical Pulsations of Light (Imagery) and Sound Encoded with Crime, Murder, and

Mayhem are Recorded on the Cranial Brain, the Heart Brain [1], and Permanently

Stored in the Subconscious Mind of Children, Youth, and Young Adults

 Divine Assignment 

I yet recall articles in the August 1979 Special Edition of Ebony; at which time my son and only child was 7. 


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In 2000 I was startled by the news of a 6-year old taking a gun to school and killing one of his classmates who had angered him the day before. 

In 2001 I came close to being hit by the neurotic driver of a car I later learned was en route to a broad day, double murder.  

Notwithstanding the blessed fact that the double murder had nothing to do with my son, a 29-year old African-American, father of  three (10-year old twin daughter and son; and 5-year old daughter), it was the murder that floored me to bending knees.

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